Parents are not at all comfortable if their beloved children if they do inter caste and inter religion marriage in India because of society. In India each caste has its own culture, customs and traditions where especially daughters won’t be able to adjust and a marriage can turn into divorce. They may be right or wrong but if you love someone than obviously you can’t just stop loving them anymore. As marriage is considered a sacred long-term relationship in India that can be sustained if customs and thinking of a couple match with each other.

But parents should consider next generation modern views as well and should not bother much about customs and traditions while choosing their life partner. With the help of Vedic astrology one can easily find out whether the tendency of interacts marriage is there in their relationship at native’s horoscope or not.

In astrology Rahu plays an important role in Love Marriage and Inter Caste Marriage. However, If Rahu influence the 5th house and 5th lord, the relationship goes long and ends up accordingly with marriage on the other hand if Rahu is afflicted or debilitated relationship may end unexpectedly.

To know on which track your love story is going to go than take consultation from Pandit Vikas Shastri!

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